Even in a world of digital marketing, good print marketing and high quality printing is still essential for targeting customers, visually placing your brand in the market place for awareness, and beginning to engage with prospects to prepare for conversion. But what sort of print do you actually need, especially if you are a small business with a limited budget?
Keep it simple
Many small businesses end up with a range of uncoordinated print collateral developed over time, which doesn’t link together or enhance one another, which may not all be professionally produced and on message. The best approach is to aim for a simplified suite of clean, on-brand, professionally produced business stationery and print marketing collateral with a clear purpose and key messaging.
Carry out a review
Carry out an internal review on the marketing print you currently have in circulation across your business and assess which items you want to keep and which you want to recycle. Only keep items that convey the right message, correctly represent your brand and which are of the right quality to market your proposition to your target audience.
Plan a new suite
When you have decided which printed materials you are happy to keep, you may find that there is actually a real gap! But this is the point to think smart. You need to create a co-ordinated, tight, beautifully presented suite of print materials that serve different purposes.i.e. printed brochures, folded leaflet printing, flyers and posters. For example, you might decide that it is important for your team to all have quality business cards, a printed folded leaflet for each key service that you can take to sales meetings, and a small print run of high quality brochures for leave behinds, where a digital version is less appropriate (for example, for a customer that doesn’t carry out its business using digital methods).
Commission a designer
Commission a graphic designer to design your new materials, and use a copywriter to prepare the content. Make sure there is a strong call to action and triple-check all contact details! You may wish to do this via a marketing agency so that the services are delivered under one roof.
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When it comes to printing, ask the advice of your business printer or a commercial printers and get a decent print run to last at least half the year so that you can save money on cheaper unit costs. Digital printing is typically cheaper on shorter print runs than lithographic – although you may want the latter for a large print runs of high quality folded leaflets and brochures.
Distribute and get out there!
Once your new printed materials are back, plan their distribution with care, track responses for your own benefit and ROI analysis and get out there to market your business!
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