Building a strong brand is vital to the success of any business. For a number of years marketing teams have used promotional products as part of their marketing campaigns to build brand recognition.

A fantastic article by Richard Larson, ‘The Power of Promotional Products for Brand Recognition’ draws upon research conducted by The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) who conducted numerous surveys and further research which provided evidence “there is a direct correlation between promotional product advertising and an improvement in brand recognition”. With this in mind it is with no surprise that in turn, as a result there is an increase in sales.

As competition grows for most businesses in the majority of industries it is essential to increase sales and get higher return on investment from advertising and marketing endeavours.

Now you have heard some of the key facts here are some of the highly effective promotional products we recommend for your business.

Calendars: A long term promotional tool, calendars act as a fantastic canvas to spread your logo and contact details, building your brand internally and externally. Customers are likely to use your calendar in the office and be reminded daily about the products and services you offer. Being front of mind is far likely to establish lasting relationships and build brand recognition. Visit our website for varieties of calendar designs.

Mouse Mats, Coasters and Desk Tidies: A somewhat more traditional route but nonetheless also very effective for brand recognition. Sending gifts to customers or potential new clients with your logo and branding on a useful office accessory can quickly build trust and recognition around your business.

Branded Pens: Everyone, everywhere, every business needs a pen, in fact a lot. The most commonly misplaced object in the office but one which we all need. One of the more effective promotional marketing items you can choose from, as there are variety of colours and finishes and room on the barrel for your logo. Sending out pens in the mail, at conferences, networking events is an easy way to thrill your customers.

For more great insights and statistics on The Power of Promotional Products see the fantastic article by Richard Larson at Brandwatch. has a large range of high quality, cost effective promotional products. If you want to improve brand recognition, increase sales and grow your client base then contact today. We offer online design tools and efficient printing at affordable prices with quick turn around times.