Here at, we primarily serve SME businesses and government bodies. However, there is one other major group who can benefit from printed advertising, independent professionals. While printing posters, leaflets and direct mail advertisements are vital marketing tools for businesspeople and professionals, they can also be used by entertainers.
All performers need to attract audiences to their shows: musicians, theatre troupes, variety performers and even stage magicians need to advertise. We believe that printin and print advertising is the best way for entertainers to generate interest and build their audiences. In today’s blog, we’ll explain why.
1. Localisation
Unlike businesses that might operate on a national or international scale, entertainers can only put on a show in one area at a time. As a result, they need a highly targeted form of advertising. Printed advertisements (particularly poster printing and flyers) allow entertainers to grab the attention of potential audience members in specific, clearly-defined locales. This simply isn’t possible with televised and online advertising.
According to the small business website ‘Chron’ posters can even be “strategically located to target a particular market sector”. This is equally true of printed flyers. Both forms of advertising are therefore ideal for performers and entertainers who know exactly what type of audience they want to attract.
2. Immediacy
It is not uncommon for people to see adverts for plays, musical performances and other entertainments then decide to attend on the spur of the moment. Printed adverts are the best way for entertainers to take advantage of prospective audience members’ natural impulsivity. Posters, leaflets and flyers are distributed and viewed outside, meaning that people who are already enjoying a day out (or a night out) are likely to see them. These individuals may be looking for something to do and can easily be attracted by a well-placed printed advert. In short, printed adverts offer greater immediacy than other adverts.
3. Cost-efficiency
Entertainers need to keep their advertising and marketing costs low as audience-sizes and profit margins can vary significantly between performances. Printed advertising is one of the most cost-effective options available.
If you’re an entertainer or performer, it’s time to start investing in printing and printed advertising today. You can find your poster design and printing resources and our most popular products at . Check out the range today!