Summer is upon us, and this sunny season is a great way to release bright and bold marketing campaigns. The good weather makes spirits soar, so it’s a perfect time to reel in new and existing customers. Direct mail is a super effective way to market your business, as it allows your information to drop straight onto the door mat. But there are so many types of direct mail, so which one is best? For summer, postcard printing can be a really perfect choice. Here are four reasons why.
1. A sense of nostalgia
Summer is a time of holidays and trips, and back in the day printed postcards were the number one way to communicate with friends and family about your vacation. Nowadays, people talk more online and via telephone, so postcards typically only come by every once in a while. Receiving a postcard brings up a real sense of nostalgia for personal methods of contact, putting your brand in a positive light. They also bring with them a true sense of summer.
2. Eye-catching
Postcard printing allows you the space for a big graphic design, with the whole front side designated to your image. With the vibrant colours of summer at your disposal, you can make your postcard extremely eye-catching, making it more effective. They’re also perfect because, unlike enveloped mail, they don’t need to be opened. This means that you catch the customers’ eye immediately, with nothing acting as a barrier.
3. Easy to design
Traditionally, printed postcards feature an image on the front and text on the back. This simple format makes postcards really easy to design, especially with online design postcard templates. There’s no need for fancy layouts or complicated structures, saving you time and money.
4. Cost-effective
Postcards are a really cost-effective form of physical marketing. They can be ordered in bulk quantities, to a high standard and at a low cost. Plus, with a compelling offer and a clear call to action, postcards can see a huge return on investment to grow your business.
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