When it comes to poster printing, there are many things to consider. For the most part, we design posters to notify or instruct passers-by, and for this reason, it is imperative we make them do the job properly.
Location, location, location
As the phrase above – borrowed from the property market – indicates, your line of thinking should always relate to where your printed poster is going to be displayed. What kind of visual objects will it have around it, competing for the attention of passers-by? This will go a long way to influencing the size and colour of the poster design you decide on. After all, above all else your poster should seek to stand out from the crowd.
Easy to read?
Once you have a passer-by’s attention, now comes the next challenge: how to ensure you feed them the relevant information. The key to this is to make your poster easy to read. The following basic format: Headline > Details > Fine Print, is a useful guide to how you should structure the information on a poster. The main details you wish people to know about an event, product or notification should be placed directly underneath the headline, with any other information that is less important, but still advisable to include, confined to smaller fine print at the bottom. This has been the template for years! Check out this poster for the 1912 Stockholm Olympics. (OLYMPIC SPECIAL! Discover the 10 best Olympic poster designs)
Go bold
The printed posters that get lost in the crowd usually fall victim to the problem of their colours. Remember that contrast is key, if the text does not stand out over the colours that you use for the background, you are in trouble. Similarly, if your colour palette is too pale you can also fall at the first hurdle. Poster design is no time to be conservative! It is the perfect chance to experiment with loud and bold colour schemes.
While other informational aids such as business cards and brochures rely a lot more on organisation and careful spacing, posters should be seen as a megaphone which needs to be amplified as much as possible in order to hold the crowd’s attention. At PrintUK.com, we can achieve this all while sticking within your brand guidelines. For friendly advice from our team of professionals, call us today on 0845 2993 923.