One of the key things you can do to drive sustained business growth is networking. While digital networking has its place, there is still nothing quite like networking in person to get results. Many organisations, for example, will join networking groups in their local business community to fulfil this need. Networking in real-life not only lets you showcase the personality behind your brand, but you can also forge lasting partnerships with other companies.

Whether you are a new start-up or a larger business, the marketing boost and extra revenue networking can provide is worthwhile. But what are some of the best tips to network like a pro at any event you attend in person?

Bring your smile

While networking is a professional activity with its serious side, you should still remember to pack your smile! Attending events is all about engaging with people and building up a rapport. It is hard to do that if you look miserable or nervous. Remembering to smile is often enough to make you look approachable to others – this will then make them feel comfortable enough to come over and chat.

Show interest in helping others

While networking is partly about helping your own company grow, this is not the only consideration. You should also go into it with the aim of finding other businesses which you can help in return. This mindset will not only be seen as more positive by other attendees but will help you connect with them better. With this in mind, remember to not only talk about your own business but also ask questions about other people’s. Otherwise, you could end up sounding like one long sales pitch!

Use business cards

One essential for anyone who networks is a good business card. Having a supply of these ready in your pocket or handbag makes it easy to pass your details on when someone asks for them. It is certainly simpler than frantically scribbling them down on a scrap of paper which could get lost. Business card printing also make you look more professional and can help you source more new business as a result.

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