Despite the online world being so important to modern businesses, there are still very few things more rewarding than bringing people together for an event.

Hosting an event will provide a great chance for your business to reach a new audience and, as far as online content goes, photography, smart social media use and recaps of the event make for an effective way of ensuring that your event exists online as well. But how do you make sure your upcoming event is promoted well?

There are many ways to promote an event that range from marketing it with some cheap printing to effective social media campaigns that are tailored to your target audience. Here, we pick three great ways to promote your upcoming event, using a range of methods.

Social Media

In today’s age of online marketing, using social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram is the most obvious way to promote an upcoming event. Using a Facebook event as the hub for potential guests, we can’t recommend making the most of your social media networks enough. Ensure your content is consistent across all channels and don’t forget to regularly post in the Facebook event to keep interactions high.

Poster Printing

This old school method is still such an effective way of marketing your event and can be done cheaply with If you have someone who is good with graphic design, posters are a great way to catch the eye of your desired audience and by putting them up around town, you will reach a local crowd, too. Why not take photos of your printed posters for a social media post as well? Combining poster printing and digital is a winning formula for small businesses.

Word of Mouth

The final way to promote your event is simply by networking and telling people about it. It is important not to be shy about inviting people personally to an event you are running, as often the personal touch will go a long way in terms of persuading potential guests to come. Better still, if you have something physical to promote the event such as some printed leaflets, you will give invitees a further reminder of all the important details.

Browse today to promote your upcoming event in the best way possible: with fantastic promotional print materials.