Go back a decade or so and the crystal ball gazers of the marketing world were predicting the end of print as a marketing tool. Why would you bother with the cost and logistics of a leaflet print run for instance when you could pop up in someone’s social media feed?

What the futurologists didn’t bank on was the value consumers still place on print materials. Local newspapers are bucking the downward trend for paper and magazine sales, local directories and what’s on guides are flourishing across the country, big retailers are still investing heavily in direct marketing materials. If you’re running a start-up there are some very good reasons why you shouldn’t dismiss print marketing. Take, for example brochure printing, used in conjunction with an online brochure its a great way to get a high volume of important information over to your customers and potential new clients.

The smart marketing brains these days suggest that intelligently combining social media with print marketing is the best approach. Here are some great ways to combine print and social media marketing.

Use direct mail to create social media engagement.

Use your leaflet to advertise your social media channels. Run a hashtag competition that rewards people who post a photo of themselves and your leaflet. Include a QR on your leaflet that links directly to a competition or special offer.

Build brand loyalty

Offer customers a loyalty card that contains social media channel information. This strengthens the engagement of existing customers ensuring they’re plugged into a businesses social media. More people who like and follow your digital channels, the more likely you are to have material shared.

Use contests that combine print with social media

Create regular giveaways that tie in your digital and print presence. Print copies of your logo which customers can pick up from your outlet or receive with mail order. Then encourage them to take photos of themselves with it wherever they go to then post to their social media. Could your logo make it to the top of Kilimanjaro or outside the Taj Mahal?

Developing deeper brand loyalty is key to creating a sustainable long term business. Why not contact PrintUK.com to learn how high-quality printing can combine with your social media to help your brand do just that?