Whether you’re looking to produce business cards, brochures or letterheads, there are plenty of easy ways to get better results from your printing – even if you’re a small business with a limited budget or a start-up getting to grips with your marketing. Here are some top tips:

1. Don’t reinvent the wheel

Look for a printer that provides templated solutions for your design and printing needs. Good templates are easily customisable online and this will save you time and money, whilst giving you a fast track to professional results.

2. Think about your messaging

What are you trying to communicate with your piece of print? Target your messaging with 3-5 key points for a leaflet or brochure and keep it relevant to your audience. Remember, customers have a limited amount of time and attention, so snappy, direct messaging that is highly relevant to their needs will yield better results.

3. Leave plenty of white space

There is always a temptation to absolutely stuff your print materials with extra wording, graphics, links, offers and so forth. But readability is key – especially in our modern age of time starvation! Allow plenty of white space in your print materials so that they’re very easy to read. Chunk up your text into blocks. Use short sentences and highlight key points and calls to action. On that point…

4. Always focus on your CTA

Never produce a piece of print without asking yourself what the call to action is. With a business card, you want the customer to call or email. With a brochure, you may want your customer to call and enquire. With a flyer, you may want them to register for your event or download an app. Whatever the call to action is, make it obvious and prominent.

5. Check the details

It’s very easy to send a large run of brochures to print and then find that your phone number is wrong. Check all URLs, emails and phone numbers very carefully before you go to print. You can find other brochure printing success tips <a href=”https://printuk.com/blog/top-3-mistakes-to-avoid-when-designing-a-brochure/”>here</a>.

6. Have your logos on hand

Ask your graphic designer to save your business logos in a variety of sizes and formats, including PNGs for digital usage, black and white, full colour and CMYK logos so that you can easily find what you need for print materials.

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