For hundreds of years, the humble business card has been a vital marketing tool for all types of commerce and tradespeople.

The business card has origins tracing back to the 15th Century, originally in China. These cards would contain information about the individual essentially bragging about themselves and their skills. Used by more elite members of society, cards were used to somewhat prove a persons credentials.

The introduction of what became known as ‘trade cards’ in 17th century England saw square pieces of paper or card being used to advertise goods or services.

The business card is now a staple of companies and professionals worldwide and shouldn’t be overlooked or replaced by their digital counterparts.

The modern business card is distributed anytime, anywhere. They’re frequently handed over before, during or after meetings, at networking events or trade shows, conferences or even simply in a casual setting when it’s relevant and appropriate.

When it comes to events such as trade shows, business cards play an important role with marketing packages handed out to customers which usually comprise of brochures, leaflets and other branded products.

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