2021 has been an eventful year in business so far, but it is beginning to draw to a close. This makes it wise for entrepreneurs to begin planning for the next 12 months now. One area to focus on is marketing and taking a look at what the hottest trends in this area could be during 2022. Doing this will enable you to keep your finger on the pulse and head into the new year all guns blazing.

But what are some of the top marketing trends for 2022 we might see?

Print marketing

Print marketing has always been an effective way to reach consumers. Some business owners, however, may well have focused more on digital marketing lately and neglected to reap the benefits print supplies can offer.

The beauty of this type of marketing is that consumers like having something tangible to hold and find printed materials easier to come back to at a later date. Finding a flyer in your drawer is certainly easier than remembering which website you found a product on months ago! From leaflets to brochures and more, expect to see lots of companies using print supplies in 2022. Brochure printing is a fantastic marketing tool and should be utilised by businesses of all sizes!

More personalisation expected

As with print marketing, personalisation is not a new concept but it is looking likely to grow further in 2022 and become a hot trend. This will see businesses connecting with consumers to an even greater extent personally and targeting their marketing campaigns to an even finer degree. The benefit of this for organisations is that it allows a greater bond to grow between them and the consumer. It also makes it more likely that consumers will be shown products or services they actually want.

Content marketing could change

Content is king when it comes to marketing in the modern age. One trend that many are predicting for 2022 is more long-form content being used to attract customers. While short-form content will still be widely seen, it is thought that longer articles will start to crop up more and more.

PrintUK.com has you covered in 2022

Although it might seem a long way off yet, the new year will soon come around for business owners. This makes it key to know about the hottest marketing trends 2022 could deliver. If you decide to make the most of what print marketing brings, why not order your flyers, leaflets and brochures from the online printing specialists at PrintUK.com?