As a business owner, you are probably aware that a well-designed corporate letterhead can make your stationery look more professional. However, you may be unsure whether it’s worth investing in custom-printed letterheads. You may believe, for example, that they aren’t crucial to print-based marketing campaigns in the same way that posters, brochures or flyers are. However, at we believe that custom letterheads are just as important because they help develop brand identity. Remember that brand awareness among consumers can lead to increased sales. Letterheads may not seem vital, but as the website ‘Marketing Hub’ explains, “the increase in sales and customer retention… far outweighs the expense of having them created”.
But why are letterheads so good at building brand awareness and generating consumer interest? The answer is simple: they’re incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of ways. This gives them the power to attract customers through a range of channels. In fact, we’ve come up with an easy-to-follow annotated list of the core ways letterheads can be deployed.
1. Direct mail
The most obvious way to recruit customers using letterheads is to use them in direct mail marketing campaigns. They can make your letters to prospective customers appear more professional while giving them a clear sense of your brand. Due to their professional appearance and subtle branding, direct mail letters with custom letterheads are much more likely to be read than plain, unadorned letters.
2. B2B communications
Do you need to communicate with other businesses on a regular basis? If so, all your communications should feature letterheads. This will encourage the business community to see your enterprise as serious and legitimate. You might find that other businesses are more willing to work with you and promote you to their customers if you start communicating with them using professional, sophisticated letters with letterheads and branded letterhead design.
3. Internal branding
Letterheads should also be used on any internal communications within your business. This will help cultivate brand awareness among your colleagues and employees. Feeling like they are part of a larger brand with a consistent ethos can help employees work better as a team, which empowers them to recruit more customers.
For more on the Benefits of Custom Letterhead read the fantastic article on Marketing Hub.
Letterheads are a surprisingly powerful tool in the world of print marketing. We provide high-quality; cost effective printing for a range of different products, including letterhead printing.