How many times have you heard ‘print media is dead, it’s all about online now’? Well, rumours of the death of print media have been greatly exaggerated, it’s still here and here to stay. You can’t ignore the online world, but work the two together in harmony and you have the dream ticket…
Here are five reasons printing and print media isn’t dead:
Reason one
Your marketing materials are the face of your business, the physical mark in the world of who you are and what you do. Well designed, attractive flyers and brochures will add to your credibility, and an established and serious company needs to have information at hand ready to give prospective customers.
Reason two
It can help you stand out from the crowd. Everyone has an online presence and it’s getting quite noisy out there. Junk mail used to be something that came through your door, now it’s an overflowing inbox – emails that you don’t even notice let alone read. Be proud of your printed materials like leaflet printing as many companies no longer have them so it gives you an edge.
Reason three
Print media is tangible – your customers can hold it and take it away with them. It lasts a long time; they can put it on the fridge or find it in their handbag, prompting them to contact you. It promotes brand familiarity too, if your potential customers have seen your print marketing, they will recognise you when they are searching online.
Reason four
Not everyone uses the internet. Even in these tech-savvy times, some customers will prefer the reassurance of a company that uses traditional methods. Use the two together and you cover all your bases.
Reason five
Print and digital go hand in hand. Even if you are dealing with a potentially younger, more tech-aware demographic, they will still receive direct mail and leaflets and occasionally act upon them. For example, a QR code on a printed brochure may lead a potential customer to your website. But its incredibly important to use both mediums when marketing. Checkout one of our previous articles: Direct Mail beats online, according to study. Also a very good article is from who talk about the importance of mashing up the two here. To Reach Your Future Customers, Mash Up Print and Digital
Having physical printed media consolidates your work online, gives you multiple marketing channels and makes you recognisable. It raises brand awareness and spreads the word – so go and spread it.