When it comes to political elections the print industry is a key player in assisting politicians and their parties. While radio ads and television ads are commonly used during campaigns the power of print is not to be overlooked. Printed campaigns in conjunction with social media, television and radio can be incredibly effective. In England local elections are scheduled to take place at the beginning of May 2023, we examine some of the important print media, key for successful campaigns.


The humble leaflet is a powerful took when it comes to targeting a large volume of people quickly and efficiently. Using clear bullet points and graphics high quality leaflet printing is a great way for local councillors to keep residents updated and informed. Remember hand-delivering leaflets is a great way to speak with voters and adds a personal touch! Leaflets are far more impactful than an email due to their tangibility.


Posters can range in several sizes and materials making them a versatile product for election campaigning. High-quality poster printing is a great way to capture attention of your voters. Boosting your visibility is the best way to increase your number of voters.

Campaign posters are a great way for decorating community centres, local offices, especially political offices. Not only are they impactful but can boost your presence and create a buzz around your campaign and nominees.

Signs and Displays:

From roller banners to outdoor signs its key to grab the attention of as many people as possible. Large outdoor banners can be incredibly impactful, targeting a high volume of people in a cost-effective manner. Using print is a great platform to convey the facts about your party and your plans. Remember voters want to see facts and why they should vote for you.

Print media is still widely trusted more than other means of advertising such as radio and television. During political campaigning print media should be the preferred form of communication. Using printed materials, you can easily and effectively target your key audiences.

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