As Christmas approaches and our thoughts turn to next year, now is the ideal time to design and order calendars for your business. But a calendar is not simply a useful tool to hang on the office wall to record key dates; in the modern cut-throat commercial world where you need to stay one step ahead of your rivals, a personalised calendar that boasts high-quality printing with a design that is tailored to your brand is a cost-effective way to boost your business’ presence and gain new customers!

They are kept for longer

Unlike other temporary marketing such as leaflets, calendars are almost guaranteed not to be disposed of or lost. If you like, you could say they even come with a 12-month ‘guarantee’! While well-designed leaflets can certainly drum up business and pull in customers, calendars will often occupy a prominent position on the wall or noticeboard of your target audience and serve as a constant reminder that your business is actively seeking new clients.

Viewed multiple times a day by a large number of people, a calendar emblazoned with your company brand and mission will help your business to stay uppermost in people’s mind so that, even if potential customers don’t require your service immediately, they’ll be bound to remember your business when they do.

Not just something nice to hang on the wall

Sometimes described as ‘the silent salesman’, calendars are among the most useful promotional tools for your business. But it’s important you design it such that it will appeal to a customer’s aesthetic tastes, with subtle branding. Calendar printing is a fantastic way to engage with your employees and customers.

Marketing materials also work so much more effectively if they are helpful to the client, and it’s difficult to imagine a scenario in which a calendar wouldn’t be useful. At home or in the workplace, calendars are looked at repeatedly throughout the year, meaning your business will almost constantly be advertised. You can even get smart with how you use your calendar, such as including key dates your customer may want to use your services for, such as around holidays or awareness days.

Versatile and cost-effective

A personalised calendar is an incredibly versatile marketing tool that can maximise your business’ visibility in the community. Easy to design, cost-effective to print and cheap to distribute, calendars can be targeted at potential customers at the perfect place and time. Unlike leaflets that are often distributed in their thousands to try to eke out business, the recipients of calendars can be chosen as part of a carefully planned marketing strategy, so when they receive their 2020 calendar, they’ll know that you were thinking specifically of them. They enjoy a free gift and you’ll potentially gain new business throughout the year!

Now is just the right time to plan your marketing campaign for the forthcoming year, so get in touch today to order personalised calendars to give your business fresh impetus in 2020. Get in touch with today for all your high quality printing needs.