Print marketing supplies are a valuable way to connect with consumers and are still used by businesses all over the world. From flyers to business cards, these resources are not only cheap to produce but also easy to distribute. There are also many ways print supplies can enhance your marketing campaigns and enable you to showcase your brand’s personality.

Of course, brochures are also a print marketing supply which many companies use and which deliver these benefits. It is key to avoid common mistakes when producing brochures though, to get the most from them. But what are the top 3 errors to swerve?

1) Don’t overcrowd your brochure

There is no doubt that a brochure is designed to hold more information than a flyer or leaflet. The whole purpose of them is to show more products, deals and services to consumers. This does not mean you should cram them so full of information that they become hard to read though! It is wise to only put essential details in for each product and also break up text with images. In addition, you might want to be selective about what products/deals you do include, to avoid it becoming too crowded.

2) Bad image quality

As noted above, images are key to making any brochure enjoyable to look at. They are also very useful for showing people what products you offer, rather than merely explaining about them. One mistake to avoid though is using poor quality images in your brochure. This will make it hard to see them properly, frustrate consumers and make your brand look unprofessional.

3) Missing out a CTA

This is still quite a common mistake and a real shame. You can have the most beautifully designed brochure in the world – but it will count for nothing if you don’t add a call to action. You must guide consumers on what to do next once they have read it. Whether it is including a website for them to visit, a phone number for them to ring or an email for them to contact, you must find room for a clear call to action at the end.

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