It’s easy to assume that envelopes are the least important part of a piece of mail. But actually, the envelope can act as either a barrier or an enticement. To ensure that your direct mail receives maximum opens, consider high quality branded envelopes. Here are just three ways that custom envelopes can boost your direct mail response.
1. Capture Attention
Think of a pile of post; most envelopes are white or brown. With custom envelope design you can choose bright colours to ensure you stand out from the rest. People are more likely to be drawn to a piece of mail that arrives in a coloured envelope. Not only is it vibrant, but it is reminiscent of greetings cards which promotes a sense of excitement. The intrigue often means they will open it instantly, putting your business right in front of them, straight away. Be sure to include your log and contact details so quick contact can be made by the recipient.
2. Pique Interest
With custom envelopes you can print wording to pique interest before the post has even been opened. Quotes to promote special offers, new products or exclusive discounts are a great way to entice customers from the off. Don’t write too much – you’ll leave them wanting more which will encourage them to open it. Make sure that the mail inside is in line with the envelope for consistent messaging and branding.
3. Trust In Recognition
High quality printed envelopes with your company branding and logo will bring with it instant recognition which can be a huge advantage. Customers who know your brand will trust that your mail is something of interest to them, making them more likely to open it and take a look. With bland, blank envelopes people may assume it is unwanted spam mail and leave it to the side or throw it away. Use your brand to your advantage to encourage a strong direct mail response.
Branded envelopes are an essential asset to business stationery. If your company is after high-quality envelope printing then contact today. As professionals in the print industry we offer a range of products, suitable for small businesses and large businesses alike. We even offer free online design templates, so you can create your perfect design with no fuss.