We know that blog posts offering tips often use larger numbers than this, but we are concentrating here on two key uses for the stylish 330 gsm colour gloss postcards you can design and print through PrintUK.com. In terms of the design and content itself, you’ll find useful tips in our recent blog postings ‘Content and design tips for powerful leaflets that get you results‘ and ‘3 colour design tips for creating fantastic leaflets‘.
Here, we will concentrate on how your promotional or informational postcards are received. Firstly, you may use yours as a stand-alone promotional device. These can be sent out, or otherwise distributed, to highlight an important piece of business information. This could be an up-coming event – sent as an invitation – or a change of address. It might be to promote a single product or service with a specific offer. There are a wide range of reasons. There is one key point to consider when using your postcards in this way…
Recipients might view either side first
This is a statement of the obvious, but it isn’t like receiving a holiday postcard from a friend or relative. In that case, whether the view or the message is first seen doesn’t matter, both sides will be viewed. Here, many businesses forget that they have to attract instant attention on either side of the printed piece. It’s too easy to assume that a recipient will see the illustration side first and then turn over to the copy. Business folk might simply pick up the copy side, not be quickly engaged – because they haven’t seen the ‘start’ of the message – and simply discard the piece you’ve invested time, effort and funds in creating, and move on to the next piece of post they have to deal with.
A second use is when the card is part of a promotional pack, perhaps with a letter and brochure. The key point here is this…
The postcard should carry the complete story
The assumption this time can be that the recipient will access all pieces of the communication, and in the order you wish them to do so. Therefore, the complete story makes sense. However, it’s equally likely that they will look at your printed postcard first – or that it will become separated from the rest of the communication. Therefore, it needs to contain all the information for them to be able to take the action you wish. Key benefits, contact advice, and a brief telling of the story should all be part of it. In this way, it stands the best chance of working as a stand-alone product if that becomes necessary.
So, just two simple points; use our high quality printing facilities for your postcards when complying with either to give yourself a much better chance of gaining the reaction you wish and the response you need.