When it comes to planning a marketing campaign, leaflet printing should be a key part of every business strategy. Leaflet printing is an effective way of communicating with your audience – you are able to target local customers, distribution costs are affordable and your marketing message is delivered direct to consumers homes. It doesn’t get more highly targeted than that.
Printed leaflets are a great way to engage – and one of the best ways to ensure your message is heard is through offering an offer or incentive as part of the flyer or leaflet. For example, 10% off your next order when you present this leaflet.
Not only does it ensure the customer holds on to your marketing materials for longer, but chances are they will pin it up on their fridge so they don’t forget. This means you will be getting your brand in front of their eyes for an extended period of time.
In offering incentives, you are also able to keep track of how successful a leafleting campaign has been and whether people are listening. It makes it more measurable and you can also see how popular particular offers are.
Keep it local
If you are a local business, the most important clientele you have are those in the surrounding neighbourhoods. There’s a much higher chance that these people will come in to visit you based on their proximity to you.
As such, make your leaflet wording feel personal – perhaps put the area or street name on the leaflet design. Direct it to them… “As you are our neighbours, we want to offer you an exclusive offer”. It’ll feel much more personal and as though you truly value them. It’ll also help with your standing in the community.
Include contact details
Above anything else, your leaflets should clearly show your phone number, business address, website URL, e-mail address and opening times. It needs to be really obvious how people can contact you and where they will find you, otherwise people will just switch off and ignore your leaflet. So ensure that your leaflet design is eye catching whilst highlighting the important contact details.
Good design
It is important that your leaflet is presented in an attractive, eye-catching way. If it looks poorly designed or isn’t easy to read, people will immediately throw it in the bin.
When you’re adding the words to the leaflet design, think about how the language you use can also help ensure your leaflet gets pinned up and saved – i.e. “Hold on to this leaflet for when you need us”… maybe people will, on the off-chance that it will prove useful in the future and you’ve suggested that possibility!
If this kind of messaging is bold and interesting (and wouldn’t look out of place pinned up in someone’s home), your leaflet has a better chance of not getting put into the recycling box. Therefore, make your leaflet useful and get it professionally presented.
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