In the drive towards increasing digital marketing, it’s all too easy to forget the power that a great piece of targeted print media can have on its audience! Here are 3 great reasons to consider a direct mail campaign this year – instead of email!
1. Crammed inboxes
Everyone knows how frustrating it is to receive endless sales emails – and many simply get deleted on sight. For many digital campaigns, a 3% click-through rate is considered to be acceptable. However, research carried out by Experian shows that 77% of business people check their physical mail each day – so your chances of ‘getting read’ are higher. Go for beautiful graphics and high-quality printing and your chances improve even more! Why not produce a DM campaign that also gives your recipients something useful? At this time of year, calendars are always a great choice and they keep your brand in view at all times!
2. Personalisation
Business is all about personal contact and marketers will talk about engagement – but the reality is that email just doesn’t facilitate this type of relationship building and personalised communication. Yes, an email server can auto-populate a recipient’s name from a database, but it lacks the thought that a great piece of print offers. Small businesses especially find that thoughtful, well conceived and artfully produced folded leaflet printing brings them real benefits in terms of getting closer to the customer and seeing calls to action taken up.
3. Trust
In the wake of some big hacker scandals this year (Tesco, anyone?) data security is a bigger issue than ever and trust is likely to be a keyword for 2017. Prospects are becoming increasingly wary of emails and installing ever tougher security measures, which make it harder for sales communications to filter through.
Great printing campaigns offer trust in a different way. They allow the prospect to engage with your content in a way that is physical, meaningful and completely free from the threat of hackers, scammers and phishers. In this sense, the ‘old fashioned’ perception of print is a key benefit; demonstrating that you take the customer’s time, interests and security seriously – and are prepared to invest in means of communication that support of all these elements.
So, in 2017, whether you opt for folded leaflet printing, printed brochures or a custom print letterhead with a personal note, it’s time to experience the benefits of a great direct mail campaign!