As a business owner, you will often need to send printed information and messages to clients, customers and business associates. Sometimes, you may choose to write out a full letter on corporate stationery that features your business’s custom letterhead. However, if you only need to convey a short message or a very small amount of information, this might seem excessive. Luckily, there is an alternative. You can jot down your message on a compliment slip instead. Here at, we offer a range of customisable compliment slips and we think they could help to improve the way your business communicates with its customers and partners. However, you may be wondering what exactly the advantages of compliments are.
1. Friendliness
According to the website Ezine Articles: Are There Advantages To My Business From Using Compliment Slips?, compliment slips enable you to “add a personal touch” to your communications. Both customers and business associates always appreciate a casual, hand-written note on a compliment slip. These notes demonstrate that you care about their custom or their contribution to your business. Sending out compliment slips with hand-written notes humanises you and your business, thereby making you seem more relatable and building brand loyalty.
2. Versatility
It’s always advisable for your business to have a stock of compliment slips because they can be used in such a wide variety of situations. They can be sent out alongside products of information packs in order to convey your thanks (or another short message) to your recipients. They can be used to send short internal messages within your business when it isn’t appropriate to write or print a full letter. Because they usually feature critical information about your business, you can even use them instead of business cards when networking. They are larger and more visible than business cards, which makes them ideal in situations where business cards might be ignored or mislaid.
3. Speed
Jotting down a note on a compliment slip takes only a moment. It is often quicker than writing out a formal letter or even sending an email. In short, compliment slips are ideal for quick and easy communication within your business.
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