Stateless of the nature of your organisation, there are many benefits associated with communicating your offerings in both digital and printed brochures and there are a number of formatting considerations to be made.
Give your prospects a choice
Although the digital revolution has created the need to provide digital versions of your brochures, it is important not to neglect the printed booklet. Many people prefer having something physical to hold on to and read. Offering both printed and digital versions of your brochure lets your prospects choose how they would like to process your information. Whats the best way for me to market my SME? Brochures, Flyers or Posters?
In-person interactions and printed booklets
When interacting with prospects in person, whether at a trade show, convention or another face-to-face setting, having a brochure to hand communicates professionalism. Also, giving a prospect a physical brochure is a more personal form of communication than directing them to a website.
Another point of contact
In the selling process, it is generally believed that the more points of contact between businesses and prospects, the more trust is built. A brochure provides another point of contact so that, in addition to communicating your brand, products and services, more trust can be gained. A great article to read is: Why brochures that are done right are one of the most important marketing tools for your company.
A cost-effective form of marketing
Brochures are usually far cheaper than other marketing mediums like billboard placements. Even better: the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. At, you can order batches of between 250 and 50,000 brochures.
Formatting considerations
You have a variety of formatting options that will enable you to produce a brochure that suits your needs. For businesses with prospects who are likely to be on the move as they digest sales literature, A6 or A5 brochures that can easily fit into a briefcase, rucksack or pocket may be the best option. If your prospects will probably read their brochure at home, you may wish to choose a larger brochure.
You can select not only the page and batch size, but also page orientation and thickness, among other things. Whether you want to upload your own files, select a pre-existing template or get a bespoke design, at, we are ready to help. To order your brochures visit us at For more assistance email us at, or call us on 08452993923.