Direct mail continues to be a popular and effective form of marketing communication, particularly if used as part of a multi-media campaign. Intriguingly, it has several significant advantages over electronic forms of communication, particularly when the possibilities that high quality printing can provide are taken into consideration. Here are five ways that using the right graphic design and printing techniques can transform your marketing outcomes.
Innovative designs
Using intriguing sizes, formats and graphic design for your leaflet printing can all ensure that you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons. Why not try direct mail in a folded style that doesn’t require an envelope, for example?
Tailored to your audience
The wide selection of colours and sizes that are available for high quality printing jobs ensure that there’s something suitable for every target audience, which can be adapted to different promotions and events.
Complement your other communication forms
Skilled graphic design and printing expertise ensure that features such as your corporate branding and key messages can be consistent in both your online and offline communications. This achieves a synchronised presence that is highly effective.
Target a niche market
There are still a considerable number of people in the country who don’t use the internet, as well as a number that only use it selectively. By using direct mail, particularly when it’s high calibre and personalised, it’s possible to effectively engage with this attractive but often hard to reach market.
Give added value
Rewarding loyal customers with added benefits such as Christmas cards, calendars or perhaps free samples, attractively packaged, are great ways of making sure they continue to buy goods or services from you rather than the competition. Use premium printing to ensure the extras you offer are completely irresistible.
Direct mail is a useful communication method that ensures your message reaches people in an appealing manner, which makes engagement with what you have to offer an effortless and rewarding activity. Use innovative, high quality printing and some cutting-edge graphic design to ensure your mail is the type your customers can’t wait to open and read. Get in touch now to find out how can help.
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