Printed flyers and leaflets might seem like an old-school way of advertising in the age of the internet, but the major brands keep sending them out and there is a reason: they work.
When was the last time you sent out printed flyers? If it has been a while, you should try a targeted and focused leaflet printing campaign in London or elsewhere and carefully monitor the effect on your lead generation and sales. If you sell locally, you’ll be amazed at the difference a simple, well designed and printed flyer or leaflet can make.
Big brands use them
Major retailers have found the best way to attract attention is to focus on their best offers – just let people know that you have a special price on certain products and services. Flyer printing can be the most effective way to achieve this. Of course, if you want to push the boat out with graphic design and high-quality printing, you might want to upgrade to a postcard or thick flyers sent out to the local community and businesses with high quality printing, but if you want to get the biggest bang for your buck, a simple, elegant well designed and printed flyer can still work wonders.
There’s no envelope to open and you don’t need the people to actively engage with your offer, it’s right there in their face. You can arrange for easy distribution with the local newspapers or go out yourself and post them through every door. Be careful of slapping one on every car; there are rules and regulations preventing this and you don’t want to get landed with a fine for littering, or simply alienating the local community, if your brand name is littering the local streets.
Most effective POS (Point Of Sale) material
A recent German study showed that printed flyers remain the most effective point of sale material, because they get straight to the point and the study showed that less than 10% of recipients will throw a flyer away immediately. That means it sits in full view, building brand awareness and a mental bridge between your brand and affordable prices. So even if you don’t gain a customer right away, you might find this to be a highly effective form of advertising that builds footfall in your shop, increases website traffic and helps build relations with the community that lead to sales down the line.
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So if you haven’t sent out flyers in a while, get in touch today and see how we can help you send your leads sky high.