Just because you can print, doesn’t mean you should. For businesses, particularly SMEs, who print their own in-house promotional materials, it’s time to stop and take stock. Are those store cupboards full of print consumables really worth it? + Have you taken into consideration the cost of printing in house from consumables and click charge to time spent? Or is it time to think about outsourcing those big printing jobs? Here are five simple reasons outsourcing your business printing makes good business sense.
1. You won’t lose focus
Why pull staff from their everyday tasks to print and collate your promotional materials when outsourcing to a commercial printer can do the job for you? If you’re an SME, that means lost productivity for results that may not look as good as they could. Therefore its an opportunity cost. You’ll save time and effort better invested elsewhere by simply picking up the phone or ordering online.
2. You’ll ooze quality
The quality of your promotional materials reflects directly on your company. Don’t let wonky stapling, garish colours and fading toner reflect badly on your brand. Invest in high quality printing to reveal the true impact of your brand colours, crisp text and high quality finishing and your leaflet printing and brochures will effortlessly stand out from the crowd.
3. You’ll save money
Look at it this way. To produce the high quality print media your business requires means investment: in professional standard printers, printer consumables and high quality media. You’ll need storage space and dedicated manpower and there are all those maintenance costs to consider. Now offset that against the costs of using a professional printing company where you only pay for what you need. It’s more cost effective in the short and long run.
4. Think big
By outsourcing, you free yourself from the constraints of A3/A4 and office quality print media. Now imagine what you could achieve using the fastest, most professional digital presses and print technology and a huge range and quality of paper stock.
5. Stop tearing your hair out
Stayed up all night trying to design a high quality leaflet with big impact then your printer jammed when you tried to print it? Stop. Let professional graphic designers and printers take care of it for you.
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