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On the surface, traditional printing and social media might not be the most obvious bedfellows. Indeed, with so much marketing spend now being devoted to the online space, it would be all too easy to assume that social media is in danger of rendering the print media marketing irrelevant. However, this is far from the case. In fact, more and more companies are waking up to the possibilities of integrating print and social to run striking, creative advertising and marketing campaigns. This amalgamation of marketing mediums has been coined ‘cross-media’ marketing, marketeers around the globe have realised the increased ROI and effectiveness of their campaigns when using a variety of marketing channels with a uniformed message.
1. Convert your social media into a physical product
When a hashtag or a meme goes viral, customers often want to get their hands on a physical format. Think how many popular memes are also available as posters i.e. Grumpy Cat Poster, or how many popular Twitter personalities end up getting book deals, not to mention hashtags and memes appearing on T-shirts, mugs and other exhibition and novelty items. If you have a popular product in the digital space, it makes sense to turn it into something tangible i.e. print: posters, leaflets, canvas prints etc…
2. Make the customer feel special
Social media has revolutionised the way businesses interact with their customers, but a tweet is still no substitute for sending out a piece of printed material i.e. a direct mailer in a personalised printed envelope. The rise of variable printing makes it easier and more cost-effective to send personalised items to customers, whether it’s a voucher, a promotional leaflet printing or a letter. Users have come to expect a response when they reach out to businesses online. A follow-up through their letterbox tells them that you really value their custom.
3. QR Codes
Practically all modern smartphones are now capable of scanning QR codes, which can be added to any piece of print media to automatically take the customer to a digital space. Many companies use QR codes to offer access to exclusive digital content, bringing the social and physical disciplines into perfect harmony.
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4. Branding
When it comes to creating a strong brand identity, it’s important that your print and digital materials are aligned. Printed materials allow you to put a twist on your online graphic design – and vice versa. You could bring your poster printing to life with an animated online version, or create an eye-catching business card or leaflet that incorporates the designs used on your website.
5. Enhancing the customer experience
Customers love to feel genuinely involved with their favourite brands. If a user is raving about your products or services on social media, don’t just retweet them – ask them if they’d like to be quoted on one of your promotional posters, leaflets or business cards. They get the thrill of having their content shared by a potentially vast audience, and you add a valuable brand ambassador to your roster.
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