Graphic design is one of those things that sounds like it could be super complicated. Especially if you have a new business and haven’t done a lot of marketing before. You will be pleased to know there are actually four simple rules to graphic design, and it’s not as daunting as you might’ve thought. Whether you’re creating flyers , posters or business cards, these rules apply to all.

Don’t clutter

It can be tempting to squeeze loads of information onto your design, but the truth is, customers don’t need (or want) to see it all. If your design is cluttered it’ll be unattractive and overwhelming, and the vital information will be lost. Especially when it comes to the front cover of brochure printing you must ensure you do not create a cluttered design.

Be consistent

Consistency is vital, not only within a single design, but also amongst your brand in general. Being consistent with colours, fonts, logos and images creates brand recognition, as well as keeping designs clear and easy to read. If you mix too many colours and fonts in particular, things start to look messy.

Size matters

It’s true, no matter your marketing material, design matters. Be sure that headlines, offers and important calls to action/contact info stand out. Likewise, ensure body text isn’t so small it’s hard to read. The ratios on size can make a big difference to your artwork, so play around with it until you are happy.

Choose quality

Quality is key in a number of ways when it comes to graphic design. You need to ensure you use quality images, that don’t pixelate or blur when blown up to a bigger size. You want clear graphics and fonts that can be seen and read without issues. And most importantly, you want high quality printing to ensure your colours aren’t muted and your designs look professional. You only get one chance to make that all important first impression, and you want to make it a good one.

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