Print marketing is an effective tool, getting your business before the eyes and into the hands of potential customers. Whether you are using leaflets, posters, banners or all 3, there are four important things to consider before sending your art to print. Complete these four checks to ensure your design is print-ready, for a quick turnaround and no wasted time.

File format

Check which format your print provider needs your files to be in. Different companies may have different requirements. Universally, PDF format tends to be a favourite. They are easily accessible and allow you to send high-resolution files, without being too large to upload and send.

Dimensions and ‘bleed’

It is easy to assume you can follow the dimensions of standard sizes, but check with the print supplier first. Many places will ask for a ‘bleed’, a certain perimeter of space around the edge of your design, which allows for products to be cut without losing any of the artwork. It is also important to make sure your text doesn’t stray too close to the edges, as you may lose some of it when the product is cropped to size. If you create your initial design with dimensions and bleed in mind, it saves you the hassle of having to change it once your artwork is complete. Leaflet printing is a great way to showcase your artwork.

Image resolution

An image that looks great on screen may not come out that way on print. This is especially true for larger print products such as banners and posters. Low-resolution images can blur and pixelate, leaving your design looking unprofessional and unclear.


Your print company will not likely proofread your work, and so this is up to you. Read it carefully before sending it in, because if your product arrives incorrect, you will have to pay out again. Read carefully through the text to ensure correct spelling and complete sentences. It is also worth having somebody else proof-read it, as they may spot something you missed.

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