Many companies may consider business cards slightly “old school”, given the fact that a good deal of the work carried out in our modern world tends to be digital. There are a variety of reasons business cards still make good sense and why it’s still a good idea for you to keep a handful in your wallet or purse at all times.

Some of the best reasons to keep on toting those business cards around with you include:

1. The personal touch

Swapping digital details is impersonal and networking is all about making genuine business contacts. Sure you can send your details via email or Skype, but how much more personal is it when you’re actually meeting up with someone, engaging with them in genuine conversation and striking up a real relationship? Handing out a business card to contacts you meet at trade shows, business meetings, training events, etc is a way to extend that relationship one step further and ensure your new contact has a physical reminder of your business and contact details. Your supply of business cards makes an effective direct marketing tool that’s far more successful than any amount of SEO optimised mailshots or messages to potential leads and prospects.

2. Stand out from the crowd

Unique, well thought out business cards create a great first impression of your business and brand. You can source well-designed business card templates at a variety of online printers or opt for something truly distinctive and go for metallic business cards to really make an impact on new contacts. If your business card creates a good impression on your new contact, it’s much more likely to be shared with other contacts and professionals within their brand, making you the first port of call when needed. Ultimately, a great business card can put you top of the list when it comes down to doing business.

3. Walk the walk

Finally, carrying a stock of business cards shows you are a professional. There’s nothing worse than meeting new contacts and struggling with a mobile device that has a dead battery or hunting around to find a pen to write your details down on a scrap of paper. Don’t go there, carry great business cards around with you at all times and be prepared to source new business contacts any time, any place.

For more on business cards check out the great article by Jonathan Long on Entrepreneur: 5 Reasons Business Cards Still Matter

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