While email campaigns and remarketing can be effective ways to increase conversions, most marketers will agree that both can be something of a dark art. Online marketing campaigns often feel like taking a shot in the dark with little or no returns in comparison to the cost and effort it takes to create them.

However, direct mail still offers consistency and will typically deliver a great return-on-investment ratio. Here’s why your next marketing campaign should involve direct mail:


With cheap printing, your flyers, leaflets and other promotional materials needn’t eat up into your marketing budget. Even brochure printing is cost-effective, and it allows you to showcase a large variety of products for very little outlay.

Mail is tangible:

In a sea of emails, it’s easy for a prospect to overlook your latest promotional offers. With a piece of direct mail, you’re literally putting your campaign in the hands, eyes, hearts and minds of your customers. Your customers are 100% guaranteed to see your message when it is thrust through their letterbox – and that’s why conversion rates are higher with direct mail.

Familiar formats:

Not everyone is familiar with the online world, and many people like to stick to what they know – particularly in traditional B2B markets. Postal campaigns offer familiarity, and many people are more receptive to this form of marketing, because it’s exactly what they’re used to.

Capturing the zeitgeist:

There’s nothing like getting your product or service in the here-and-now to drive those conversions. Take, for example, a takeaway chain. After they hit an area with leaflets, their phones don’t stop ringing after 5pm – why? Because everybody who’s arrived home after work has looked at their leaflets and decided to order! It’s as simple as getting your message out there at the right place, and the right time.

Keep it simple

Creating a direct mail campaign is simple, and the results can be measured and quantified without the need for complicated analytics. To see the results, your business needs only to count the level of enquiries or coupons redeemed from a campaign.

For more on Direct Mail take a read of the fantastic article by Neil Patel, 13 Reasons Why Direct Mail Isn’s Dead.

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