Getting a startup off the ground is a challenge, as is building a good reputation, particularly if you’re targeting your local area as your main source of business. However, it needn’t be challenging when bringing print marketing into play, especially if you carefully strategise and fully utilise the services of a company like Even if your company is centred on digital marketing, don’t overlook printing just yet – it could be your startup’s way of establishing a foundation from which you can solidly expand on. So what are two key ways to use print for this purpose?
1. Make the most of your local area: it’s all about targeting
Your local area is your best resource. Word of mouth is a great way for your startup to get started, particularly if you help other businesses out through your services. However, to cement yourself as part of the local community, it’s a good idea to use flyer printing and business cards to provide physical “proof” of your startup. Ask local shops to put them on their till or the council to pop them at an information point if they have one; stick flyers on community noticeboards, and network as much as possible.
2. Online marketing is good, but print marketing is just as. Make the most of it!
It’s easy to get buried in Google’s ranking requirements as your sole marketing strategy. However, printing is still very valuable, particularly if you enlist the services of an established commercial print company to design some bespoke flyers that detail a bit more about your startup. Depending on your business and your customer demographic, a flyer could be a more effective way of advertising your company, particularly if you’re image or creativity-centric, such as a graphic design firm or marketing agency. It also allows you to stand out in a more unique way than your competitors, who are more likely just to get lost online in a sea of similar companies.
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Ultimately the most effective marketing strategy for a startup would be to combine online and print marketing in a fluid, cohesive way, to ensure you cater to customers both online and off. Whether you choose flyers, leaflets or business cards to get marketing in your local area and beyond, would be happy to help you out. Order online, Call us or email us today to find out more.