Have you ever considered printing leaflets to advertise your business, only to be put off by the words ‘junk mail’?

In the early 2000s, homeowners fell out of love with the letterbox. Businesses used leaflets and brochures, posted through the door, to advertise their services and products. Suddenly, going to collect the mail was not an exciting task. With so many leaflets and advertisements, getting the mail was simply an exercise in collecting bin fodder.

Over time, leaflet marketing became a less effective type of advert. There were so many businesses, all doing the same, that homeowners became desensitised. They’d pick up a pile of leaflets, and throw them in the bin, without so much as a glance to review the contents.

Are leaflets still a bad idea for marketing a business?

You would think that the days of using leaflets are long gone. But a change has taken place.

Leaflets stopped being effective just as the internet grew. Now, businesses moved on to email marketing as a way to capture attention. The piles of paper at the door grew smaller, as inboxes began to fill up. At first, receiving any email was something of a novelty. Adverts were exciting, once again. Then, what happened in homes began to happen online. Suddenly, people received so much email that they’d simply click ‘delete’ without checking.

We’ve come full circle. Inboxes are full, but letterboxes aren’t being used like they could be. Now, receiving mail can be exciting again. Leaflets get noticed, hitting mats by front doors and getting the attention they deserve.

How can you make good leaflets?

Leaflets, once again, are a novelty. But, you need to do something special. Create a design that’s interesting and eye-catching, with high-quality leaflet printing for a premium experience.

Your advertising leaflets are a reflection of your business. Take time to create something special, with leaflet design and printing that shows how you care for your customers.

If your leaflets are appearing by someone’s front door, make sure that those leaflets add value. Perhaps provide a voucher, advertise a special event or show products that they really want to see.

Right now, leaflets get far more attention than many of the emails sent out. A leaflet gets into someone’s home, and it’s important that they want to keep it there. Order your leaflets at PrintUK.com