One thing our customers often ask us is about the difference between a leaflet and a flyer. That’s perhaps not surprising when you consider how often the terms are used interchangeably.
And that’s probably understandable when you think that both types of document share a number of features – both are printed promotional materials, used to boost trade for a specific offer, event or product, and both are very cost-effective tools.
Equally, both are quite disposable in that neither a leaflet nor a flyer is designed to be kept for ever. The most simplified answer is that a flyer is on a heavier weight paper in comparison to a leaflet. Typically a leaflet will be on paper weights up to 200gsm whereby the terminology changes from a paper to a board so a flyer is from 200gsm onwards.
That said there are a few more differences but these are more just what typically happens and not official differentiating reasons i.e. A flyer typically has a shorter lifespan than a leaflet once the promotion in question is finished.
Flyers are also usually printed in bright colours, often on A6 and often with not much in the way of design or graphics i.e. nightclub flyers, gig / concert flyers etc…
A leaflet generally has a more professional design, and its contents more carefully thought out. Often leaflet printing is on A4 or A5 paper.
Because of the difference in the weight of the paper, it is often more expensive to print flyers.
A flyer is generally a single sheet of paper printed on either one or both of its sides and generally weighing between 300gsm, 350gsm and 400gsm. Leaflets typically weigh 130gsm, 150gsm or 170gsm.
In terms of deciding which option to go for, much will depend on the type of business you are promoting.
Pizza shops, nightclubs, local traders and cab firms will all benefit from flyer printing, while leaflet printing is ideal for businesses looking for something a little more corporate.
However, that’s not always the case, and there may well be instances where a leaflet will work just as well for something like a pizza shop or nightclub.
VAT is only applicable on flyers or leaflets if they are designed to be used for entry a voucher a discount etc… where you need to present the flyer in order to receive something in return, otherwise flyers and leaflets and non vatable.
Whichever option you go for, you’ll need to select a high quality commercial printing company to do your printing. At, we offer affordable online printing and online print design for all your promotional leaflets, flyers and brochures.