The popularity of social media has exploded in recent times and the shift towards digital marketing is undeniable. Marketing teams understand the importance of an online presence for a business, but the savvy-marketer adopts a multi-channel approach by integrating social media campaigns with a traditional printed campaign giving their brand increased reach and a competitive advantage. Think about it as the cross pollination between these two mediums. 

Here we examine some tips to ensure a cohesive approach to your online and offline marketing strategies to create compelling cross-channel campaigns. With these tips you should have a better understanding on how to drive and track consumers from print to digital and vice versa.

1. Leveraging your company stationery, printed business cards and branded letterheads to promote your social media links is an effective way to drive potential new customers to connect with your social networking channels. Ensuring you have your social media icons visible on your website, email signature and printed marketing materials prompts your readers to not only engage with the physical, tangible print but also allow them to engage with your digital presence.

2. High-quality printed brochures and catalogues still have their place in today’s marketing mix. Use social media to engage with followers who’ve liked and commented on your posts and send them a printed brochure. It’s a cost-effective way of distributing your catalogue, targeting individuals who have already expressed an interest in your products or services. Brochure printing is a fantastic way of communicating a lot of information and graphics to your clients whilst enforcing your brand image. Companies such as Net-A- Porter and Air B&B who are online businesses have invested in print to promote their brand and encourage readership and engagement with what they are offering online.

3. If there is a piece of content, blog post or image on your social network that has performed particularly well, re-purpose it within your brochure printing or leaflet printing. If your customers are actively liking what you create in the online world, the chances are high it’ll be a success for your printed collateral too.

4. It works both ways! Increasing traffic from print to digital channels can also be reversed to drive traffic from digital to print. Maximise cross-pollination of your content by creating a printed case study overview and give readers the opportunity to visit your website or social media channels to download the full story. Directing customers online will persuade them to spend more time interacting with your brand.

5. Create high quality printed exhibition stands and graphics for use at events or trade shows and encourage visitors to take their photo next to your designs to share on social media. Don’t forget to include your hashtag for maximum impact. This cross engagement will prove extremely effective.

Combining print and social media marketing into an integrated campaign gives your brand a much broader reach, to ensure your message reaches the customer no matter what channels they choose to engage with.