If you have recently started a new business, it’s vitally important to promote it effectively. Startups often find it difficult to attract attention in today’s chaotic, crowded marketplace. Hundreds of businesses vie for consumers’ attention on a day-to-day basis using a wide range of advertising tactics. Consequently, it’s easy for your business’s message to get lost. Customers see thousands of adverts on TV and on the internet every week through programmatic and display advertising, so they inevitably tune out and ignore a significant percentage of them.
Luckily, there is a way to ensure that your new startup stands out: you can use print and printed adverts. But how exactly can printed media help your business gain recognition more effectively than other forms of promotional media?
1. Printed media is more targeted
TV and internet adverts are viewed by people across the country and (in some cases) across the world. Printed media i.e. folded leaflet printing can be distributed in specific, geographic areas through direct mail, therefore ensuring that the right people see it. This increases the likelihood that the people who see your advert will act on it. In fact, if your business is within walking distance of the printed advert, your prospective customers may choose to visit you straight away. Printed leaflets and posters are some of the most effective forms of printed advertising for creating this effect. According to the website AZ Central: “an interesting leaflet located where the intended target group will pass can convert a passerby into a sale… that sale could be almost immediate.”
2. Printed media is more unusual
Online and televised advertising is very common, but the same is not true of printing and printed advertising. If you need proof of this fact, you only need to think about how many televised adverts you see every week, then compare this to the number of printed folded leaflets you receive in the same time period. Because printed adverts aren’t as common, consumers tend to remember them more clearly. Customers aren’t exposed to hundreds of printed adverts every day, so each one they see stands out. This makes printed media and adverts ideal for new businesses and startups that need to make consumers aware of their presence and establish their brand identity quickly.
3. Printed media is more personal
Printed media is tactile and highly personal. Consumers can physically interact with leaflets and flyers in a way that they can’t with televised and online adverts. Apart from just being a cheaper form of marketing, printed adverts are more arresting and more likely to stick in customers’ minds as a result. Being able to handle a piece of printed media also creates a personal, emotional attachment between a consumer and an advert, which makes the advert inherently more persuasive. New businesses need to recruit customers but can’t rely on a pre-existing positive reputation. Creating an emotional bond with consumers is a very effective way of overcoming this issue.
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Here at PrintUK.com, we believe that printed media is ideal for Startups and new businesses who need effective, cheap, advertising methods. You can find cheap folded leaflet printing and leaflet design on our interactive website: PrintUK.com. If you’re struggling and would like some advice please get in touch and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.