It is a common conundrum for businesses focusing on social media marketing. Which social media platform should they make an effort to target the most? In truth, the social media channel which you put the most stock into should serve your objectives the best – and in this blog we look at how to decide.

Best for B2B

LinkedIn is a tremendous platform for the movers and shakers of the business world. If most of your customers are other businesses, it can be a great place to show off your wares, keeping your connections updated with what your company is up to, your latest offerings, and your industry views. For small to medium businesses who rely on making new contacts and pitching to them, LinkedIn can be a good place to spot people who may require your product or service.

Making consumer waves

Facebook is recognised as the largest social media network in the world, and as such, is a great channel through which to connect with consumers. You can use Facebook to talk to your consumer audience, but the key can be to go easy on the sales patter. If you can become a consistent generator of engaging content, then it might be possible to build a loyal base of followers which you can turn into leads. Use captivating images and video which can go viral to keep your Facebook feed looking refreshed.

Become an industry voice

With Twitter the lines are less clear – is it more suitable for consumer facing or business facing companies? That all depends on the type of audience you choose to target. One thing is for sure – Twitter is the place for opinions, so if you are good at coming up with words of wisdom, incisive industry commentary, and thought leadership, Twitter is certainly a powerful medium to put across your views. 

So that is some food for thought when it comes to choosing the social media channel to focus on. For those organisations without large marketing teams, social media can work best when you concentrate on exploiting the benefits of one particular platform.

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