Business cards have been around since the 15th century as an effective marketing tool for any company. However, with the rise of technology, some consider business cards to be a waste of time and money – but this couldn’t be further than the truth! Here are five reasons why business cards are just as important as any other marketing strategy:

1. First Impressions Count

With so much business competition out there, it’s vital to make a great first impression that lasts. Business cards are a welcome relief from spam emails or tacky promotional pens. Business cards present your company as a professional brand with quality products and services to sell. Business card printing is a cost effective way of making a lasting positive impression.

2. A Great Design Is Memorable

If your business card is a feast for the eyes, then the design is likely to stick in the customer’s mind. Take your time when designing business cards and make sure they encapsulate everything that your brand stands for in one handy format. If you’re rebranding, then business cards are a great first step in setting a new tone for your company.

3. Ease Of Contact

If it’s difficult to get in contact with a company, a consumer will move onto a more accessible competitor. With business cards, contacting you is easy and you can put multiple methods of contact onto the card. Best of all, if a consumer has your business card to hand, they can always pass it on to other people.

4. A Company That Cares

It’s the small details that really make a company stand out from the rest. Business cards tell the consumer that they are valued and that a business will go out of their way to make themselves available for a customer.

5. They Create Great Networking Opportunities

Picture this: you spot the manager of a big firm who your company could collaborate with, but you don’t have any business cards to hand; this nightmare scenario could severely impact the future of your company. Business cards are a must for networking, so make sure your company is never without them.

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