According to an article in ‘Forbes’ “direct mail could be considered superior to other marketing channels” based on its high level of success. However, if you run a start-up or SME, you may be concerned about the costs of printing and sending mail to hundreds of potential customers. If you need to launch a highly effective direct mail marketing campaign that won’t break the bank, you should consider using postcards. Postcards are the most affordable type of direct mail you can send, yet they appear both professional and friendly. As a result, they’re a fantastic way to market your business.
Unfortunately, many businesses make simple and avoidable mistakes when marketing with postcards. We’ve created a list of the top three mistakes so you can dodge them and ensure that your postcard marketing campaign is a success.
1. Making the postcard design too business-like
Postcards have the potential to be vibrant, fun and personable. However, many businesses make their postcards look like ordinary, straightforward adverts that lack any personal touches. Potential customers aren’t likely to give these a second glance and may dismiss them as junk mail. It’s therefore important to come up with a fun and friendly postcard design that will catch customers’ eyes and won’t look too business-like or too much like junk mail. We suggest trying to come up with amusing images and tag-lines you can use in your postcard printing designs. The message on the back of the postcard should also be personable: it ought to read like it was written for a friend, not just a consumer.
2. Going into too much detail
Postcards are highly compact, but some businesses try to use them to explain themselves or their products in detail. This is a mistake. Simply put, most consumers don’t want to spend a lot of time carefully reading a dense message written on a postcard in a tiny font. We recommend that you use postcards to intrigue customers instead. Of course, you should provide enough information to make your business seem exciting and relevant and to ensure that recipients understand the type of products or services that you offer. However, you should also direct recipients to your website or physical store if they want more details.
3. Not committing to the campaign
Many businesses only send out one batch of postcards then abandon their direct mailing campaign when this doesn’t produce results. You need to send out postcards regularly in order to cultivate familiarity and build credibility. After several carefully timed mailings, you should start to see positive results, so don’t give up after sending a single batch of postcards.
For more on “Why Direct mail Marketing is Far From Dead” take a read Steven Pulcinella’s article in Forbes.
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