Choosing the right printing company to create your print materials is one of the most crucial steps to ensure you leave a mark when you launch your small business. You’re probably thinking, how do I decide which vendor to go with? If you want to know the answer to this question, you’re in the right place.

Customer service

No matter how time-consuming the design process may have been, if you have not chosen the perfect printer partner you’re asking for trouble – especially if you’re on a tight schedule. You want to choose a printer who has a reputation for excellent customer service. How? Read online reviews or speak to previous clients. Not only will this prevent delays in your printing jobs, but it will also guarantee smooth sailing for your start-up.

Potential to personalise

Can the printer personalise and tailor to your project needs? If not, run away! Since different printers produce varying results, you’ll need to make sure the printer uses technology that will suit the printing you require – be it leaflet printing, letterhead printing, or flyer printing.

Know what you need in advance

It’s important to know what your business needs are before reaching out to a printer. Don’t worry, this does not mean that you must have a finished product, but, instead, having a rough idea will help the process move forward more efficiently. You should consider:

1. Design: You don’t need to have a finished design, but don’t hesitate to present your ideas to your printer and ask for their advice.
2. Batch size: It’s normal for the batch size to change many times, but it’s definitely something to consider before your appointment with the printer.
3. Medium: Would a leaflet work better or a pamphlet? Going to your printer with a rough idea will help you make this important decision.

Additional services

The printer you choose should offer a range of services not just printing such as binding work, digital printing, design work, and marketing help to support your business.

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