If you are a small business owner, you probably are looking for ways to reach your target customers. Sending direct mail to them might be just what your business needs to thrive. It has been in use for many years and will continue to be due to the many benefits it has for businesses. If you are wondering whether you should start sending direct mail to your potential customers, you should. Here are some reasons why;

It has a personal touch

How do you feel when you find that personalised birthday card in your mailbox? You feel treasured, loved, and cared for. These are the same feelings customers get when they receive direct mail from your company. Record as much information about your customers as possible to enable you to send personalised print materials such as postcards, brochures, and catalogues, that will interest them. Poster printing is also a fantastic way of engaging with a large volume of people.

It is cost-effective

Startups can make the most of every pound spent by using direct mail marketing. Begin by developing a mailing list that includes those customers who are interested in your business, then target only them. You won’t have to waste any money on people that aren’t interested.

It has high response rates

Unlike in emails, where the wrong wording can lead to it being marked as spam, direct mail ensures that your customers get the materials sent to them. This is because most people check their mailboxes every day and read it on the same day it is delivered.

Furthermore, a study by Proactive Marketing found that 75% of people recall a brand after receiving direct mail compared to only 44% who recall it after seeing an online advertisement.

It is measurable

You can only know whether you are using the right marketing approach if you can measure the performance of your campaigns. It is easy to track the performance of your direct mail marketing efforts by the number of voucher codes redeemed, new customers acquired, traffic to your unique landing pages, as well as the number of calls. Remember to have scannable QR codes on the leaflets, brochures, and flyers you send out. The QR codes will help you to unify print and digital marketing strategies</a><p> and enable customers to reach you more easily.

Direct mail is effective in marketing your brand. As you prepare to leverage this marketing method, get cheap, high-quality printing and design services for your next batch of direct mail from us at PrintUK.com today.