Direct mailing is alive and well, and for businesses that get it right, it is an important marketing tool that pulls in the profits. Here are five tips from quality printing experts,, to ensure that your printed leaflets are the ones that do not end up in the bin.

Be instantly relevant

Your first job is to grab your potential customer’s attention. The only way to do this is to say something in your headline that is immediately relevant to them. Do you know your target market? Find out what their needs and concerns are upfront, and then craft a punchy message in a couple of sentences that addresses their needs. This message is the basis for your successful direct mailer.

Use headlines and sub-headings

Your headline is the most crucial element of your message. It should be reasonably short – 10 words or less, and should contain a benefit that you know your customer is looking for. Then break down the rest of your message into sections and give them subheadings. Subheadings allow them to see the content at a glance.

Add colour

An image is a powerful way to get your mailer noticed. Pictures with people, children and animals in them are always attractive. Use colour in your text to highlight special offers to make them stand out. has a selection of online design templates to make this job so much easier. High quality leaflet printing is a great way to show off your branding and style.

Use testimonials

A compelling testimonial from a happy customer is very persuasive. Ask satisfied customers to comment, and check that they are willing to have their comments published. Never use fake testimonials.

Add a call to action, and a PS

After the headline, the PS is the second most read part of a direct mailer – so make it count. Give a call to action – and make it clear how to contact your company. You could also add in a time-limited offer, or discount for the first 100 customers to encourage action. is a leading online printing company that specialises in high-quality printing and online design services. For assistance with your print jobs – large or small – contact today