So you have your idea for a new business. You have a catchy name, an innovative product, and are ready to go. But with so much competition in the marketplace, how do you ensure consumer awareness and entice them to your product over the abundance of choice already out there. Well, here at, we believe a good place to start is in your marketing materials. There are three main products you may wish to consider when starting out.
1. Business Cards
Business card printing is an absolute must when starting a new business. A professional looking, eye-catching business card, says a lot about you and your business. Think about what you are trying to say to the customer and reflect this in your business card design. Always use quality card. This will give the consumer confidence that your business is lucrative. Choose the font and letter style carefully. The business name should be in strong bold lettering, so it stands out. Make sure your contact details are clear, and a strap line saying what your business does is important. Choosing the correct colour scheme for your business cards is crucial. The business card needs to attract the eye but still look professional, so select a maximum of three colours for optimum impact.
2. Flyers
Flyer printing is a great cost effective way of getting your name out there. They should be streamlined with your business cards for consistency and can be used as leaflet drops through letterboxes, inserts in the local paper, direct mail campaigns or simply on counters in local cafes and shops. They are a very economical form of advertising and if the printing and design is done right, a very successful way too.
3. Posters
Poster printing have probably the greatest impact due to the size of the product, so clever printing is crucial. Make the poster as eye-catching as possible. Nice bright colours, bold letters and quality images will all help to ensure your poster stands out. Printed posters can displayed in most public places, whether community spaces such as libraries, shops and coffee shops, or paid-for advertising spots such as bus stops.
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