Digital marketing – including the use of online ads, banners and social media ads – appears to be an ideal way of creating brand awareness. But on closer inspection, print advertising can still prove a worthy competitor, and in many instances is a better fit for your communications. In this article, we debunk three of the most well-worn myths regarding print advertising today.

Myth 1: Print marketing is dead

With the advancement of technology, many assume that print marketing is dying. However, the digital world is a saturated place, with more and more people seeking to ‘detox’ from screen time. That’s why many businesses and individuals still spend money on newspapers, magazines and other print periodicals which present ample opportunity for ads and inserts.

Production of print-based periodicals require an investment of time and money and is more closely regulated than online spaces, something which consumers are aware of. As such, advertising in them signals to readers that you are a reputable company that values investing in its brand and is willing to be scrutinised. All of this lends greater credibility.

Myth 2: Print marketing is not environmentally friendly

Just because print marketing uses physical resources doesn’t mean it can’t be eco-friendly. The print industry has invested in several methods of sustainable printing, such as materials manufactured from pre-consumer recycled material sourced from sustainable farms. When selecting your resources, avoid chlorine-bleached paper and glossy laminates.

Modern eco printers also provide the possibility of reusing and decreasing waste by recycling leftover paper into newspaper that does not require chemical bleaching.

Myth 3: Print marketing requires too much effort from the customer

Engaging with a digital ad seems to require only a simple click. For a print ad, it may seem more difficult, requiring a customer to make an enquiry or visit a website. However, this is to overlook the fact that the online sphere is far more crowded than the offline world. In many cases, an inbox, social media feed or advertising banners on websites are likely to be much more competitive when fighting for attention as opposed to bespoke materials pushed through a letterbox or sent to a recipient.

What’s more, digital ads have limited advertising space and may only make a limited number of impressions a day before being removed, whereas print ads can convey much detail about a service or product and can last infinitely longer, often being passed from person to person or left for others to pick up. With 36% of individuals using an online ad blocker from 2016-2020, it’s clear that consumers are feeling oversaturated by online marketing.

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