With the advent of the digital age, many people now consider direct mail to be defunct. However, it can still have its uses and is advantageous in many situations. Read our tips below to find out how you can use direct mail to benefit your business.

Ease of use

Direct mail is predominately used as a form of marketing. Some businesses struggle with online marketing as they lack experience using digital platforms and tools, whereas direct mail can be much easier to manage. You don’t need to use keywords or learn how to use an online platform and there are generally fewer steps involved to get the job done. Make a list of who you want to target an d start designing your advert – leaflet printing can be a good way to market your business and is cost-effective.

Less competition

With a lot of marketing moving online in recent years, direct mail often has less competition. On average, people tend to receive less direct mail than online mail (for example, marketing emails) and this means that people are more likely to look at direct mail and connect with it. Less competition means there is often a higher rate of response and people are also more likely to trust direct mail (partly due to the amount of spam received via email nowadays), as figures from the DMA (Data & Marketing Association) show.

Highly targeted and personalised

Online marketing is often created to appeal to a broad audience, however direct mail can be personalised and tailored to target specific groups and demographics who might be interested in purchasing your products or interacting with your small business. You can include personal information in direct mail letters and each message can be tailored to the individual receiving it – consumers like a personal touch and are more likely to interact with your business and buy from you if they feel that they are personally valued as a customer. Offers can be sent out that meet the individual needs or buying habits of the person receiving them.

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