Print marketing still remains one of the best ways to grab people’s attention and drum up some new business.

Not only is print marketing great value for money but it is also a marketing medium that people trust greatly. With this in mind, it is no wonder that print marketing is still thriving today. There are also many choices of materials you can use within print marketing, from brochures to business cards. One of the best is certainly leaflets and you should definitely consider using them to connect with consumers in your local area.

To get the best ROI though, and make sure your leaflet printing endeavours stand out from others people may receive, you need to get the design right first. But what should you be thinking about?

Make sure it is not cluttered

Leaflets are small sheets of paper that can be double-sided or folded with details of your company on and any offers you currently have running. While you want to include all the relevant information for people to see, remember that less can be more. If you cram your leaflet full of long text or clutter it up, then people will simply find it too difficult to read.

Sign-off with a CTA

Call to actions are very important on any marketing material but especially so on leaflets. This is basically telling your target audience what they need to do next and getting them in your sales funnel. This could take various formats from your office phone number to a contact email, social media links for your business or a web link to a relevant landing page on your site.

Imagery and colour

Many companies spend a long time over the text any leaflet contains but sometimes skip over the colours or images used. The simple fact is that most people will respond more to the imagery you include and the colours over long blocks of text. Make sure that any images used are suitable, relevant and high-quality. Colour is also worth thinking about both in terms of font colour and any background colours. Red, for example, could help give urgency to your CTA and make it stand out.

High-quality printing from

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