Although the rise of technology is reducing the number of letters sent, there are many times when it is essential for a business to have information on paper. Hard copies are incredibly important, and having documents in a printed format, whether for internal use or for sending to third parties, always looks professional. In these situations, a letterhead can elevate your work, making your company stand out. Letterhead printing can be a very effective part of your companies stationery.

But with so many people focused on emails, creating a letterhead that shows the importance of the document and the respect you have for your recipient can be difficult. Our experts at know exactly what to look for though, and can ensure your letterhead printing really shows off your business.

Our graphic designers have a few top tips when it comes to letterhead design:

1. Integrate your company logo

While this may sound obvious, the company logo is always the place to start. Simply placing your logo on the top left or right-hand side of the page will instantly give your document some weight, and will elevate anything you print. However, you can do a lot more than just use your logo – many companies choose to incorporate important contact information in the same space, allowing your customers to get in contact with you easily when receiving the letter.

2. Consider a border

Printing technology has rapidly evolved since it first hit mainstream use, and full-colour printing can be achieved at very little cost. This means that you can incorporate a border for your letters that looks professional and classy, especially when it is printed professionally. Use the colours featured in your logo and that match your company brand. Borders are also a great way to add colour in a restricted, elegant fashion, without distracting the reader from the information on the page.

3. Geometric backgrounds are on trend!

Letterheads don’t just need to feature at the top of the page! Incorporating geometric patterns on both the header and footer of the page is becoming increasingly popular due to how quickly it catches the eye. Taking inspiration from graphic design, you can never go wrong with following business trends!

At we can help you with all your letterhead printing needs. Contact us today to see how we can help.