All printing companies are not created equal. There may actually be tell-tale signs in your finished prints that will show you just how committed your printing provider is to creating high-quality prints for your business.

Here are just a few errors to look out for in your finished prints, which can easily demonstrate just how much care and attention is really going into your finished prints – and what kind of quality you’re actually getting for your money.

High quality prints don’t have toner marks

High quality prints shouldn’t have any form of dark marking, smearing or shadowing, often repeated across several print copies, which can be left on the prints’ surface by dirty rollers or poorly calibrated printing hardware. Our print quality assurance process, and regular hardware maintenance, ensures that you’ll never pay for marked prints.

High quality prints don’t include any discoloured banding

Finished high quality digital prints shouldn’t have any form of faded ‘banding’ across large, consistent areas of the same colour, such as background colours. If this is the case, then your printing provider should possibly have recommended a litho printing process to you, rather than digital printing – or else taken the time to negotiate a print design with you so that this issue could easily be avoided. We will always take the utmost care to avoid any banding in your prints.

High quality foil prints don’t have misses

If professional foil printing hardware isn’t carefully maintained and calibrated regularly, or if your printing provider has basically rushed the work on your foil prints at too high a speed setting, then your prints run the risk of carrying “misses”. This is where the foiled elements of your prints haven’t properly adhered to your chosen paper – which is something that we take extra-special care to avoid. Again, it really all comes down to taking the proper time and attention.

Choose a printing partner committed to high quality prints

The points above are really only a couple of potential errors that can blight finished prints that aren’t of an especially high quality. With so many print copies running super-fast through complex hardware and printing processes, it’s essential that your print provider keeps a keen eye on the use of high quality printing equipment, the appropriate card or paper stock, and the best possible printing inks and toners to give your prints a truly professional finish. High quality brochure printing is a must have for all businesses.

These are exactly the types of errors that we’re constantly looking out for, and which we take absolute care to avoid. We founded and built our business on delivering high quality prints consistently, to the finest possible finish. And it’s on this basis of quality first that we’ve grown to become one of the biggest online print providers in the UK.

Or, if you’d like to see our vast choice of high quality prints for yourself, from first-class business cards to custom corporate booths, you can click right here for our full product catalogue. We’d love to become your go-to provider for consistent, affordable, high quality prints.