When it comes to promoting your business, design is everything. Standing out from the crowd is vital in today’s busy world, but it’s not just about getting noticed. Poor designs can actually harm your business and its reputation. Here are four reasons why…

They create poor first impressions

If your design is bad, you may not even draw enough attention to create a first impression. But even if potential customers do give it a glance, they aren’t going to be drawn in. First impressions are everything, to any business, and so your print marketing should be of high quality with attractive design. For example the front page of your brochure printing should capture the audience and leave them wanting to read the entire thing rather than putting it to one side.

They don’t encourage trust

Professional-looking designs build trust in your audience. As you can imagine, poor designs do the opposite. You need to create an image of a professional company, which offers high-quality products or services. Potential customers may see your design and assume you are unprofessional or cheap. Trust is everything when it comes to building brand loyalty and encouraging repeat sales.

They don’t inspire sales

When well designed, printed marketing material encourages sales, and makes it easy for potential customers to buy. Clever use of imagery, wording and calls to action draws people in, and shows them clearly and succinctly how to make a purchase.

It costs you more

It can be tempting, when outsourcing design, to choose the lowest price available. But in the long run, this will cost you more money than it saves. When your poor quality product fails to generate leads and sales, you will soon be looking to try again, and this time you will need to invest more to fix your reputation. Getting it right the first saves you not only money but time as well, getting you those all-important sales quickly and without delay.

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