Here at, we know that many businesses spend a lot of time carefully designing leaflets online, ensuring that each looks smart, clean and attractive, and presents their company and its products or services to best effect. This is all good, as far as it goes.
Sadly, there is a key danger which it’s important to avoid, and some companies don’t. This is in creating a product from the inside of their company looking out, rather than from the outside looking in. There’s an old saying: “To walk in someone else’s shoes, first take off your own”. In other words, designing a leaflet or brochure should take major account of the recipient’s point-of-view.
To emphasise the point, imagine for a moment that you are busy opening the morning post. You might well receive quite a lot of it. Sadly, you might have instituted a simple filing process, best described by one manager a few years back: “I open my mail over the waste basket, and that’s where most of it goes”.
Therefore, the first key for the folding leaflets you design online with is to make sure they don’t suffer this deadly fate. The cover needs to contain a mix of image and message that will make the recipient at least put it aside to look at in more detail. Simply announcing who you are or what you do won’t achieve this in many cases.
The key is to look at your leaflet from that busy mail-opener’s point-of-view and answer one key question: “What’s in it for me?” You need to suggest a service or offer a product and show them how it’s going to help. Another useful alternative is to ask a question where the person will be interested in the answer. For example: “Three steps to take to ensure your business information is protected” or “How adequately will your business insurance cope with these three emergencies?”
To achieve this, you need to assess your target market and what’s most important to them. Having gained their interest, at some stage, either then or later, they will unfold your leaflet. What they need to find is a clear and simple explanation or follow-up of the claim made on the cover, expressed in their terms. This is then added to by your provision of a solution or answer. Turning over to the other side, the person then finds out what action they should take, plus all the relevant information that allows them to do so.
While Print UK can help with stylish creation and meet your folded leaflet printing needs, your close attention in delivering content that’s clearly aimed at the reader, and expressed in their terms, is a major step towards gaining the level of response you wish.