The year has started strongly for many and with March right around the corner businesses need to refocus their marketing efforts and making the most of their marketing budgets. It doesn’t matter if your business is multi-national or a small start-up its essential to make your marketing budget go as far as possible for the best ROI. We have put together a list of popular, cost effective printed marketing materials you should invest in this month:


Not only are brochures a largely cost-effective marketing tool they can convey a lot of easy to read information compared to emails or website advertisements. The versatility and tangibility of brochures makes them a go-to for businesses with the ability to adapt designs and layouts to suit the target audience. Lending an air of credibility and legitimacy to your brand or business, brochures can give your customers the element of trust unlike websites and email marketing endeavours.


Firstly, folders are an excellent organisational tool however when customised with your companies branding and logo they can make a handy marketing and promotional tool. Portfolios with their size and large print area are a great way to transport documents in a professional manor, making them a great choice for client meetings or sending volumes of information in the mail. Customised, high quality folders bring a unique flair and something new to the table and should not be overlooked.


The traditional printed booklet is ideal for many as they can help spread the word about your business on all scales whether it be locally or internationally. Custom printed booklets have many advantages due to the endless possibilities in design, layout, formats, paper types and finishes. Booklets make fantastic how-to guides, detailed explanations about your products and services or keep sakes for your customers.

There is not one printed marketing tool which stands over the rest, each bring a different dimension and opportunity to your marketing endeavours and attracting new business. Used in conjunction with one another you can create a high quality, professional image, and not break your marketing budget. Here at we pride ourselves on producing high quality printed products and we are advising businesses to invest in printed marketing materials this month. For more information visit our website,